High Quality & Low Cost Energy

We use Solar gas turbine power units, and ICE gas power units. Like SoloNox with an output from 500 kW to 500 mW. These are just some of the resources used by Green Coast Energy for electrical power generation.


  • The Engines System Manager (ESM) dramatically reduces on-site setup time and requirements, saving days on commissioning and adding years to engine life.
  • Electrical output 500 kW to 500 mW
  • Lean burn, turbo charged, mixture cooled
  • Generator @1800 RPM
  • Compact Package Design
  • Vibration Decoupled System
  • High Power Density
  • Low Installation & Operation Costs
  • Low Specific Fuel Consumption
  • High Heat Recovery Rate

Clean & Potable Water

Reverse Osmosis System will filter raw water or Seawater and create a potable drinking water of 1 cubic meter per second, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Heat Recovery Technologies

Everyday, heat is released into the atmosphere from boilers, generators, exhaust stacks. Green Coast Energy can Capture the Heat off the Engines and re-task the heat to either additional power or used as a bolier for water or heat. The process generates no additional emissions and requires no additional fuel... just heat.

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