Turning Environmental Challenges Into Clean Energy Solutions

Green Coast Energy is a leading supplier in power generation services for both standby power and main power needs. Our latest and innovative technology helps customers save money on their power bills. Our turbines are adapted to use propane/natural gas. We use Solar gas turbine power units, and ICE gas power units. Green Coast Energy can provide outputs from 500 kW to 500 mW. These are just some of the resources used by Green Coast Energy for electrical power generation.

GCE Power Plants allow our customers to:


  • Produce electricity that can be used to power any commercial and industrial operations, as well as small or big residential developments.
  • Requires no supervision or staff on site, but we generate new jobs to supplement and support our power plants operations.
  • We comply with all air and ground quality regulations.
  • We offer 100% redundancy at no additional cost. We simply install 2 engines for every 1 required. 
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